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We provide complete solutions and machines for processing of snacks and fried food. Every machine we design is to meet your customer’s demand, help your products stand out from the competition and give your business a quick return on investment. The best models of frying machines and boiling machines you will find here. Automatic fryer/ Automatic frying machine project: Fried food is more and more popolar in market because of it's good taste. It can make food can make food good appearance,it also good for healthy. We are the professional manufacturer of the automatic continuous deep fryer / frying machine, basiced on customers demands, we designed top quality whole line solution for satifying different capacity demands. Automatic continuous deep fryer/frying machine: It can be used for frying formed coated products(tempura seafoods,coated chicken products),potato chips,french fries,puffed snacks,nuts,spring rolls,falafel,samosa,fish can products.

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Whether you have an activity for some time or you are deciding to open a gastronomic laboratory or an industry, we can surely lead you into the world of fried food.

Our Flavoring Line is composed of two conical rotating drums and an elevator belt. The first drum is used only for spraying the oil on the product, while the second one for the distribution of salt or aroma; the tape has the sole function of transporting the product from one drum to another.

The Pellets Snack Machine is an automatic fryer optimized for the production of Snack and pellet products, indicated for an hourly production of about 120-150 Kg / h. It is available both with oil heating via electric heaters, and with gas, methane or LPG burner.

The Krapfen Machine model 156 is the smallest automatic fryer dedicated to Krapfen, Donuts machine and other floating products that are fried first on one side and then on the other. A specific ribbon is born by adding to the classic 156 with the baskets Fryer.

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About us

The "" company began its activity in 1981 and, for this reason, today it has more than 35 years of experience in producing automatic frying and boiling lines.

In 1983 he built the first gas fryer with pastry basket while, in 1990, he created the first automatic krapfen line

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